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Что такое BillionGraves?

  • BillionGraves - бесплатный веб-сайт, нужный для того, чтобы искать фотографии надгробий со всего мира.
  • Volunteers use Smartphones to take GPS tagged photos of headstones.
  • Photos are uploaded to the BillionGraves website.
  • Photos are transcribed by volunteers.
  • Photos can be easily accessed for research online.

How to Take Photos

How to Transcribe Photos

  • Visit the BillionGraves Транскрипция page
  • Review the Транскрипция help.
  • Enter names, dates, and any other information on the headstone into the fields provided.
  • Headstones can have information for many individuals. Make sure to add information for each.
  • Photos will then be available from the search page.

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Дополнительные ресурсы

Information Packet Quick Reference Eagle Scout Packet
Information Packet Quick Reference Card Eagle Scout Packet

How-To Videos

How to Find a Cemetery To Photograph – Empty Cemetery

  • Go to the Карта кладбищ page.
  • Select a cemetery with a blue pin to visit the cemetery details page.
  • Scroll down to the map of the cemetery.
  • Confirm that this is an actual cemetery by zooming in on the map.

How to Find a Cemetery To Photograph – Some Records Completed, But Not All

  • Go to the Карта кладбищ page.
  • Select a cemetery with a pin that is not blue to visit the cemetery details page.
  • Scroll down to the map of the cemetery.
  • Look for empty sections of the cemetery that have no pins.
  • When you are in the cemetery, use the cemetery map in the mobile app to make sure you are taking pictures in the correct section.
  • Try to avoid taking duplicate pictures, but err on the side of more photos. Our tools can help merge duplicate pictures.

How to Work with the Cemetery to Take Photos

  • Please be courteous of all active burials.
  • Не забудьте спросить разрешения.
  • If you encounter any resistance, please refer them to

How to Update your Location to Find Nearby Cemeteries

  • Go to your Настройки page.
  • Scroll down to the section titled `My Location.`
  • Type in and select your city, state, country in the search bar.
  • Move the yellow pin on the map to the correct location.

How to Find a Cemetery - Full Version

  • How to update your location.
  • How to find a cemetery to photograph.
  • How to find a cemetery to photograph that already contains some photos.
  • How to work with the cemetery to take photos.

Объединить с FamilySearch

  • После расшифровки фото можно легко присоединить к FamilySearch.
  • Visit the FamilySearch Treeconnect page.
  • Аутентификация с помощью FamilySearch.
  • Match BillionGraves photos with individuals in the FamilySearch family tree.

How to find a headstone in a cemetery using the BillionGraves App

  • Start the BillionGraves App on your iPhone or Android device when you get to the cemetery.
  • Tap the “Records” button.
  • Search for the persons name.
  • Tap on the persons name.
  • View on map.

Transcribe from the App

  • Take a picture.
  • Tap the pencil icon.
  • Fill in the form.

Добавить новые изображения в запись с помощью приложения

  • Start the BillionGraves app.
  • Tap the Records button.
  • Search for a person.
  • Добавить изображение с камеры.

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